The Best Seven Tips for AdSense

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oogle AdSense   is a CPC (Cost-Per-Click) advertising program that allows publishers to put ads on their websites. AdSense is t...

Best Seven Tips for AdSense

oogle AdSense is a CPC (Cost-Per-Click) advertising program that allows publishers to put ads on their websites.
AdSense is the easiest way for bloggers or webmasters to start making money with their sites. After installing the ad code in your site, the AdSense spiders will crawl your site to see your content and put related ads to increase visitors' interaction with ads which causes more profit to the site owner through clicks and views, all this distinguishes Google AdSense from other companies. AdSense is the best platform among all other ads program , because of it is many advantages such as having no pop-up ads that opens compulsively, a lot of ads and high income.

What are the best ways to get more profit from AdSense?

  1-  Use a rich Niche:  we know that AdSense show ads that are related to your content so you should have rich and unique content just like this article  J  and add some rich keywords to it ,which gives you a high income that makes high income! However, How do I know rich keywords? (Good Question) Google have a platform for advertiser that is called (AdWords) to advertise on google partners or on their search engine, there is anther important tool in AdWords platform it is (Keywordplanner) which tell you keywords statics. As a publisher you can use this tool to research keywords to get a huge traffic are the more difficult and expensive to enter. However, this is the best method to get rich keyword to put it in your content and focus on it, when AdSense spiders find these rich keywords it shows expensive ads on your site.  
   2-  Make sure your site is responsive (compatible with all browsers and devices).
   3-  Use multiple ad units to maximize conversion: A simple way to raise your AdSense click rate (CRT) and revenue is to place ad units of more than one type (AdSense for content, link, and search) and in different sizes on your pages. This way, your users are served more ads, increasing the probability that they will end up clicking on one of them.
   4-  Design your ads: Use a large rectangle AdSense, borders and outlines, which are the same color of your page or blog and do not make ads highlights shows on these ads.
   5-  Create and implement responsive ads:  AdSense plays well with responsive design, and allows you to generate codes for responsive ad units, which automatically resize themselves to offer the best viewing experience to the mobile audience.
   6- Link your AdSense with Google Analytics, It gives you access to AdSense metrics such as revenue, clicks, and impressions which you can add to your favorite analytical reports to get a better understanding of how well your pages or content is monetizing, This data can assist in optimizing your site such as the optimal ad load or what type of content to focus on, Once you’ve linked your properties, you can use insights from Analytics to refine and optimize your ads and improve the overall performance of your website.
   7-  Get a valid traffic: you can use E-marketing techniques to get healthy impression such as SEO(Search Engine Optimization), SMO (Social Media Optimization) and Email marketing.

How to protect your AdSense account from being baned?

  -   Don’t click on your ads for any reason, if you getting accidental clicks or you suspect that invalid clicks may have resulted from a visitor to your site, you should review your site's logs for any suspicious activity and notify AdSense support by apply Invalid Clicks Contact Form.
  -    Apply Invalid Clicks Contact Form If you have sponsored ads to get more traffic (unusual traffic).
-     Remember to adhere to the AdSense maximum ad policy, which is up to three AdSense for content units, up to three link units, and up to two search units on each page, to avoid having your account banned.
Finally, you should be careful, because Google take the issue of invalid clicks and page impressions very seriously and have a dedicated team of specialists, as well as automated systems to flag and review any unusual activity.
With best wishes

     HussamEdeen A. Muhaisen



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المدرب الفلسطيني: The Best Seven Tips for AdSense
The Best Seven Tips for AdSense
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